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ELTA has been manufacturing fans for more than 30 years now; with a continued investment in plant and machinery; combined with development of modern manufacturing techniques, which provides fast, responsive and flexible approaches to satisfy ever changing in market.

At ELTA fans we take quality standards very seriously; after all, it encompasses every aspect of the relationship between ELTA; distributors and customers. Confidence in our quality led ELTA fans into becoming one of the first fans companies to be granted the exacting quality assurance requirements of BS under certificate No 185.

ELTA products and services conform to agreed contractual specifications and where appropriate, and national and international standards. ELTA products are thoroughly tested during manufacture and inspected prior to dispatch.

All products with a power input between 125W and 500kW will be affected by the first phase of the European Energy related Products Directive (ErP) to ensure improvements in energy efficiency, which became mandatory in 2013, followed by more stringent measures in 2015.

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