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SAKE is a global innovation company based in South Korea (HQ), and Turkey. We are specialized in producing building materials, including: PIR Insulation Panel, Pre-insulated Air Duct, PU & PIR Chemical Raw materials and Continuous Lamination Panel Machine. Over the years, our innovations have improved daily life for people all over the world. We have made buildings warmer, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment.

SAKE designed "Anti-bacterial Function Duct System". As well known, being infected in the hospital is one of the important death reasons with heart disease and cancer. We paid attention to above serious problems, we had applied inorganic matter onto surface of duct in order to keep air with hygienic condition at inside of ducts. Also we devised "Invisible Flange with Gasket". It makes tighter joint to protect air-leakage.

Actually, we've met many obstacles when we went through in the process by ourselves, we overcame all problems, nowadays, and we produce the best quality products in the world

SAKE Bio Clean Duct System is made of rigid Polyisocyanurate foam covered with embossed aluminum foil on both sides, ensures functional conduction of air which preserves unchanged all its characteristics of natural purity and humidity, especially high thermal insulation power can lead to considerable energy savings.

Enhanced Antibacterial Function. Corrosion Resistant. Eco-friendly Easy Fabrication & Installation. Economical. Class 0 fire classification.

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