VAV Terminal Units

Air Master Equipment’s Emirates LLC was established in the year 1987 with the prime focus of manufacturing quality, reliable and affordable air distribution products for buildings equipped with central air conditioning systems. From a humble beginning with less than 5 employees in a small shed, we currently manage over 250 skilled workforce with 8 manufacturing facilities in different facilities across the G.C.C. solely dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality products.

We live in an era of global warming. Sustainability, carbon foot print, energy conservation and efficiency are topics commonly discussed and of greatest concern. A majority of construction and manufacturing sectors in the world have already started to feel the pressure from government and other regulatory bodies to use energy efficient products. Building HVAC is one such sector which has caught the attention of keen ‘environmentalist’ architects and engineers as an ideal target to promote ‘Green’ products.

In the middle-east, air-conditioning load in buildings constitute more than 60% of the total energy consumption. This may be attributed to the harsh climatic conditions, especially during peak summer where demand for power is more than twice as compared to winter. Many products are being introduced to improve system performance and energy efficiency. Variable air volume (VAV) terminal is one such product being promoted in the field of building HVAC.

Working: It is equipped with an airflow probe that measures and limits the air flow between CFM ranges that are factory calibrated. The input to the actuator controller is derived from the thermostat. Actuator throttles the damper just enough to meet the cooling load. The volume of air entering into the space does not depend on pressure inside the duct. Even if the duct pressure fluctuates, the flow sensor communicates this change to the actuator controller in order to maintain a steady air flow to achieve comfortable conditions in the occupied space.

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